Wen Pin’s research focuses on the intersection between biblical and practical theology with the mission to apply the whole counsel of Scripture to complex modern concerns, in order to support churches in fulfilling the Mission of God. His areas of inquiry include disability, mental health, creation care, homiletics, pastoral theology, and more. He has authored/edited the following books:

Under the Wings of God: Stories of Hope from the Book of Ruth. Singapore: St Andrew’s Autism Centre, 2023.

“I really enjoyed reading Under the Wings of God. My eyes were opened to the significance of the Ruth narrative for an autistic audience. But, as Wen Pin points out, we all suffer and are marginalised and stereotyped by others, so there is an inspirational message here for all of us.” – Dr Peter H.W. Lau, Author of The Book of Ruth (New International Commentary on the Old Testament Series)

“This book can certainly stimulate fresh devotion and nurture God’s people. It can also be used to inform a teaching series to transform congregations to be more disability sensitive. It will definitely turn a Christian into a disciple of Christ to know the fullness of God through the futility of man. We are indeed all Under the Wings of God.” – The Right Reverend Dr Titus Chung, The Bishop of Singapore

Enabling Hearts: A Primer for Disability-Inclusive Churches. Disability Ministry in Asia Series, Volume 1. Singapore: Graceworks, 2021.

“”Leow Wen Pin … challenge[s] churches to consider whether their physical spaces, legal policies, and language from the pulpit truly welcome people with disabilities.” – Christianity Today

“Wen Pin has done a fine job of priming leaders for a deeper engagement, given how much of a struggle it can be to even name ableism as a problem to be encountered by the Church.” – International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church

“This excellent publication reflects the Church’s need to address “disablement” insightfully and holistically. Myths, half-truths, or stereotypes indeed do no real good in affirming persons with disabilities to accept their rightful place in the Church and society.” – The Right Reverend Keith Lai, President, National Council of Churches of Singapore

Enabling Communities: Bible Studies on Including People with Disabilities in Church (Student’s Version & Facilitator’s Version). Disability Ministry in Asia Series, Volume 2. Singapore: Graceworks, 2021.

Enabling Communities is a great tool to begin a much-needed theological conversation on including and helping PWD to belong in the church. It positively confronts the church’s ableist interpretation of the good life intended by God for his people.” – Journal of Disability and Religion

“As Christians, we are called to welcome widely, to include internationally, and to love lavishly. This series of thoughtful studies encourages and equips us to ensure our families, friends, and neighbours with disabilities receive the good news of the gospel and experience the deep fellowship of community.” – Professor Erik Carter, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Special Education, Vanderbilt University

Call Me by Name: Stories of Identity, Faith, and Special Needs. Singapore: Graceworks, 2018.

“This heartfelt collection of stories is a precious opportunity for readers to look beyond a person’s disability, and hear their individual voices, battles, and dreams. … It is a timely reminder that individuals, family, and the community all have a part to play in building a caring and inclusive society for all.” – Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development, Second Minister for National Development, Singapore

“I am glad that a book featuring these special people is now available. The stories are movingly told, and we are left with the realisation that all of us have one form of disability or another, some more obvious than others.” – Reverend Dr David Wong, General Secretary, The Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore

Offering the Light: Essays in Honour of Philip Satterthwaite on the Occasion of His Retirement. Singapore: Graceworks, 2022.